Titans Intelligent Power warmly welcomed the Vietnamese delegation for a tour and inspection May 22, 2024

On May 20th, Guangdong Titans Intelligent Power Co., Ltd. welcomed an important client from Vietnam, who is a seasoned forklift distributor specializing in various forklift sales and leasing services. A delegation of four members from the client's company visited our headquarters. In this significant business exchange, our company's Vice GM, Mr.Li, CTO, Mr.Chen, and Manager of the Foreign Trade Department, Mr.Jing, accompanied them on a tour of the company's facilities and product displays.


As a leading enterprise in the industrial new energy solutions sector, Titans Intelligent Power has been dedicated to innovation and technological research and development, with many years of industry experience and rich manufacturing capabilities. Therefore, we are very honored to welcome the delegation from Vietnam and share our advanced technology and high-quality products with them.


As a professional provider of industrial new energy solutions, Titans Intelligent Power has years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of forklift charging equipment. With its advanced technology and excellent product quality, the company has established a good reputation in the industry. The Vietnamese company, as a leader in the Vietnamese market, has always sought high-quality and reliable equipment suppliers and expressed strong interest in Titan 's charger products during this visit.

The R&D center is the core driving force behind Titans Intelligent Power's continuous innovation and an important cornerstone for maintaining the company's competitive advantage. During the visit, CTO Mr. Chen introduced the strength and technical capabilities of our R&D team to the clients, emphasizing our philosophy of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.


Vice GM Mr.Li led the clients on a tour of our production factory. The clients witnessed the entire process from raw material procurement to production assembly and highly praised our rigorous production management and advanced equipment facilities. They were very satisfied with the precision management and strict product quality control we implement.


The delegation also visited Titans Intelligent Power's subsidiary, Titans Li-Neng, a Lithium Battery company. As a highly regarded product in the field of new energy, lithium batteries are widely used in industries such as forklifts and AGV. Li-Neng has achieved remarkable success in the lithium battery field with its advanced production equipment and scientific management processes.


Through this successful exchange activity, we have further expanded cooperation with the Vietnamese market and laid a solid foundation for future collaboration between both parties. Titans Intelligent Power will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, quality, and service, providing customers with superior, efficient, and reliable industrial new energy solutions.

During the exchange, Mr.Jing presented our latest industrial charging machines and lithium battery products, detailing their features, advantages, and applicable fields. He addressed various questions from the clients, providing professional answers and suggestions. The clients expressed great satisfaction with the solutions we offered and expressed a desire to establish a long-term partnership.

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